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Real Estate update, including proposed reforms to Commissioners and Notaries

Dear Presidents and Real Estate Representatives,

We are pleased to provide you with an update on real estate matters and ask that you forward this information to the real estate lawyers in your Association. It is extremely important that the real estate bar be informed of the issues affecting daily practice and you are our best opportunity to get this information to your colleagues.

Proposed reforms for Commissioners / Notaries

We met with Ministry of the Attorney General staff on March 20, 2019 regarding the attached proposed reforms to the Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act and Notaries Act. They have asked us for written submissions on the proposed reforms by April 12, 2019. Please provide any comments to us that you may have on this issue by Wednesday, April 3, 2019.  Please forward your comments to both and

2019 Bencher Election

Solicitors are historically underrepresented at Convocation at the Law Society. Of the 40 elected lawyer benchers at Convocation, only 3 have knowledge of real estate practice.  There are 17 self-identified real estate lawyers running as candidates in the upcoming bencher election.  A list of these candidates is posted on the Ontario Solicitor Network website.  

Please reach out to the real estate lawyers in your area to make sure they vote in the Bencher Election during the last two weeks of April.

A Lot from the DOT

Notices from the Director of Titles can now be found on the Teraview® website under the “News and Info” tab.  Current Notices include:

·         Password Protection in Teraview

·         How to Check the Certification Status of Instruments on Teraview

·         MGCSA Bulletin 2018-04 OnLand Application Release

·         Practice Management Tips from the Land Registry Office

We expect this to be a key source of up to date information for solicitors

Teraview® Issues

The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate maintains a list of matters which are brought to its attention regarding Teraview and/or Land Registry Office procedures. The Working Group brings these matters to the Director of Titles, the government and/or Teranet and posts updates as it receives further information. The latest list of issues and update, dated February 29, 2019, is on the Working Group website.

Review of the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002

We responded to the government’s request for comments on the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002. Our response can be found here.

Planning Act proposed amendments

We have reviewed and endorsed proposed amendments to the Planning Act, which we are very excited about. We understand these proposed amendments will be introduced for first reading soon. We are monitoring the situation and will advise if the amendments are approved. You may even wish to contact your local MPP and confirm your support of these amendments.

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as the designated real estate representative for your law association, you have requested to be added to our list and/or you are the president of your association and no real estate representative has been identified. If you no longer wish to receive these real estate updates, please advise us of the new contact for your association and we will remove you from our real estate list.

Merredith MacLennan & Eldon Horner
FOLA Real Estate Co-Chairs


Commissioners for Taking Affidavits and Notaries Public Reform

Tyler Roy